From Father to Son. In 1968 Massimo Tarantino received from his Father the leadership of the Company. After 15 years of experience his Father decided to give him the opportunity to lead the Company.


The globalization forced us to partecipate to Ambiente Fair in Frankfurt where the main Companies show their items. So the appointments since 2001 are 3 every years. In fact present at Homi Fair in Milan twice a year, we consolidate our partecipation to Ambiente since long time too.


Massimo Tarantino decide di aprire a nuovi mercati la sua ditta. Egli va in Russia where he received a many congratulation for the decoration that respect the tradition and the culture of the big country.


Thanking to its capacity of follow different tastes and the new way of the business, Art Decor since 2011 is able to propose its items to the clients using new technology. In fact with its web site and the social marketing, we can say that all our followers are updated!!!


Art Decor is present on U.S.A. market too. After many years where the Art Decor's items were well known on easter coast, Massimo Tarantino decided to introduce them on west coast where a new challange were waiting him.


Overcoming many difficults and challenge, Art Decor is still on the road to propose its items al around the world. Thanking to the caparbity of Massimo Tarantino and his staff, Art Decor is able to satisfy special requests that put it in a special condition on international market.